Strategic Management

A strategic plan sets out the direction and scope of an organisation over a meaningful period, typically five to ten years. It should address a number of key issues: where the organisation is now, where the organisation intends to go in the future, and how it will organise its resources to achieve these aims. The strategic plan should be fleshed out by a business plan to fill in the detail, typically over three to five years, setting out the specific operational activities, marketing aspects, and financial forecasts.

The challenge is to establish throughout the organisation both the operational aims and performance intentions as a cohesive and supportive plan that drives towards the overall strategic objectives, then to communicate the strategy to key stakeholders so that they are all driven in the same direction.

The skills and expertise Sterling brings to this field of consultancy are:
• business planning: defining customer-focused objectives, developing strategies, assessing resource needs, identifying service and system requirements, creating performance measures

• organisation development: customer and output oriented reviews of processes, roles, responsibilities, resources, and structures

• change management: planning change programmes, establishing and leading project teams, implementation of change programmes.

Sterling also offers business research across many markets and sectors. We can provide the information to assist strategy development and planning, business trends, and intelligence and marketing.

The tools used include desk research, accessing published data sources and websites, telephone and face-to-face interviews, postal questionnaires, and focus groups.

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