Performance Management & Improvement

Sterling works with organisations to create solutions which will result in a demonstrable improvement in the way people and processes work. Such solutions can be applied as successfully in the service and not-for-profit sectors as in manufacturing.

Sterling’s input begins by helping clients to define what they are trying to achieve and what successful achievement will depend upon.

We identify critical quantifiable and qualitative factors and find an appropriate means of measuring performance for each. We then decide which of those factors are crucial to success and ascertain how well they are currently pursued.

The next stage is to create a methodology and establish measures of performance improvement which are meaningful and workable.
This we do by:

• intelligent listening
• understanding our clients’ objectives, capabilities, and resources
• selective use of management tools and techniques.

The toolkit of disciplines in this area includes:

• operational and process analysis
• business process re-engineering
• project management
• benchmarking
• coaching and mentoring
• balanced business score card

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Sterling Management Consultants based in Worcester West Midlands