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Organisational review

Creating the foundation for fundamental improvement in a finance department’s meeting the needs of those who depend upon it.

Sterling was commissioned to carry out an organisational review of the Finance Department of a membership association in the medical sector.

The organisation was faced with a Finance Department which was delivering the basics but did little to develop and build upon these foundations. It was constrained by history, insularity, little formal development and training, and undemanding expectations on the part of the Board.

The organisation required a Finance Department capable of leading the organisation on a range of financial and related matters, allowing it to become a commercial activity, with the Finance Director having an increasing role beyond the department. The developments needed in the department were major and challenging.

The core of the review was a comprehensive consultation process embracing finance and other employees, staff representatives, the senior management team, and Council members.

Sterling put forward recommendations which would free up time for the Finance Director to spend on strategic issues and allow the Department as a whole to provide financial guidance to directors and pro-actively develop relations with other departments.

The recommendations were capable of being pursued without an increased headcount whilst at the same time allowing the Department to meet the day-to-day short-term pressures on the organisation as a whole.

The recommendations are being implemented.

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