Facilitating consideration of performance measurement

Enabling fresh thinking to be applied to developing performance measurement in a regulatory body.

An executive agency of HM Government wanted an external facilitator for an board discussion concerning business planning paying particular attention to setting targets and measuring performance. The aim of this important event, for which participants were to be well prepared, was to generate targets worthy of development.

Sterling’s involvement was to
• crystallize the purpose of the discussion and its outcomes
• understand participants’ stances and views prior to the discussion
• prompt participants’ thinking afresh concerning objectives, targets, & measures of performance
• establish the discussion’s content, agenda, and timetable
• agree materials to be distributed before and during the discussion
• create confidence in the value of the discussion.

Sterling’s work included
• briefing by the commissioning director and the chief executive
• confidential preparatory meetings with intended discussion participants
• review of base data
• confirmation of the structure, content, and format of session
• preparation of session materials.

Thereafter Sterling’s involvement progressed to
• enable participants to achieve constructive outcomes from their discussion
• establish common commitment to those outcomes
• plan the follow-up to the discussion - enabling maintained momentum
• prepare participants to make constructive use of subsequent initiatives.
In this context Sterling’s work included
• facilitating the discussion session
• drafting summary notes of conclusions from the session
• advising how to maintain momentum
• carrying out a post-event review with the commissioning director.

The purposes of Sterling’s involvement were fulfilled: a breadth of thinking with fresh insights, greater than had been achieved previously, was introduced to the Agency’s consideration of the subject.

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