Organisation and operation redefinition

Establishing the means for a federation comprising many separate charitable trusts and receiving substantial public funding to demonstrate its value to potential sources of funds.

A well known charity sought help to establish useful performance measures. Sterling created a brief to do so on a sound foundation. This required us to:

• identify what success meant
• agree means of making that success possible
• define measures of success.

The assignment comprised:

• research
• defining a meaningful objective
• identifying business processes necessary to fulfil the objective
• developing criteria of success.

Sterling provided expertise, carried out investigations, and led a team of senior employees addressing the subject. Leading the team involved:

• briefings
• stimulating businesslike thinking
• teaching the principles and use of process management
• facilitating meetings
• enabling contributions to developing recommendations.

>The Charity was characterized by an internal focus: outsiders' expectations were inadequately understood. Nevertheless, external stakeholders declared their high regard for the Charity which has a role in fulfilling the specialist aspects of HM Government’s agenda. Locally it addressed areas of real concern. Intense competition for reducing funds meant that it might see reduced funding, however identifying the principal reasons for funding or commissioning the Charity’s work and the evidence needed to support that funding exposed routes to fresh sources of funds.

Strongly persuasive anecdotal evidence and hard data enabled us to create a succinct objective for defining business processes and measurable results.

The implications were considerable. A sharp focus on specified requirements caused a redefinition of the organisation’s operational needs, responsibilities, and critical relationships, and of where effort should be devoted.

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